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JanRain – Great Products (that Need New Names)

I’m a huge fan of JanRain and what they’re doing with their products, especially the RPX product (more on the products below).  I think there’s going to be a huge business here, and they’re poised to capture it.

That said, I’m not a huge fan of the product names themselves, and I wonder if they’re holding JanRain back a bit.  Meaningless letter names are a common, but less than ideal solution to the challenge of naming products.  They provide no clue for understanding the differences between the products and they’re not memorable.  A good product name should do both.  By contrast, the Company name, JanRain, is great…it is completely memorable.  Once you know about JanRain, you’ll never forget the name.  It does what a good company/brand name should do – stick in the mind.

Back to the products.  JanRain’s other product is OPX.  RPX and OPX.  One of the products allows site operators to accept logins via 3rd party credentials / OpenID (i.e. I can use my Facebook login to log onto your site), and receive authenticated profile data in the process.  The other product allows site operators to become a 3rd party credentials provider.   Any idea which does which?  Read the rest of this entry »

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Why Sentiment Matters in Social Media Measurement

I originally posted this piece more than a year ago, but it remains relevant given all the attention on social media, social media marketing, and social media measurement.

Sentiment marketing, the practice of engaging consumers directly with the express purpose of influencing consumer opinion about a brand, is coming fast. Sentiment marketing is being enabled (or, maybe more accurately, made necessary) by the proliferation of social media and the inherent trackability of the conversations that occur between consumers online.

The goal of sentiment marketing is to drive continuous improvements to consumer sentiment about your brand. You could argue, of course, that sentiment marketing is just PR; same practice, new channel. It’s related, for sure. But this is different. A radical change has occurred Read the rest of this entry »

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