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Web Measurement Should be Goal Directed

I think it is well understood now by most managers that web sites should be goal directed.  That is to say, the web site should have a set of goals that are tied back the goals of the overall organization. Every organization has some kind of goals – the reasons it operates.  The web site should exist and operate in support of this set of goals.  Even if the goals are not well documented, many people will have a strong intuitive sense of what they are.  (And if intuition is all you’ve got – listen to it.  It’s better to act based on an internal understanding than to fail to act because of insufficient information.)

Goals are pretty simple, and need to be stated in simple terms.  Sure, there’s lots of complexity underneath the goals, but don’t worry about the complexity until you understand the goals in a simply stated form.  Goals are measurable things you want people to do, like Read the rest of this entry »

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