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Wrap Up – Social Media Club PDX Event

You missed some great speakers and lively discussion last night if you were not at the Social Media Club of Portland’s event, hosted at Webtrends.  Three speakers, each representing a social media monitoring tools vendor, presented their wares and answered questions from the audience.

Chase Reeves, Director of Marketing at Iterasi
Chase presented Iterasi’s PositivePress application, which allows PR pros to track “earned media” online, and has the benefit of archiving your mentions in its system, so you can always go back and see it.

Margaret Francis, VP of Product at Scout Labs
Margaret presented Scout Labs‘ social monitoring, reporting and workflow management application, highlighting their powerful tools for generating abstractions of the data quickly and easily, allowing strategic planners to easily understand the prevailing mood around a brand, and act accordingly.

Justin Kistner, Sr. Manager of Social Media Marketing at Webtrends
Justin presented Webtrends’ integration with Radian6, showing how social can be measured as a part of the traditional marketing funnel, and that social marketing can be optimized for conversion (not just traffic), like any other marketing tactic.  Justin also demonstrated Webtrends’ upcoming release of Facebook page and app measurement.

Thanks to the Social Media Club of Portland for organizing the event and inviting me to moderate.  I’d love to do this again!

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Three Tools That Make it Easy to Measure Social Media

I will be moderating a panel discussion on social media measurement tools at the next Social Media Club of Portland (SMCPDX) evening event.  The panel, happening on Tuesday, February 23rd at 6:00 pm, will include speakers Margaret Francis, VP product at Scout Labs; Chase Reeves, director of marketing at Iterasi; and Justin Kistner, Sr. manager, social media marketing at Webtrends.   Each panelist will present on relevant tools available from their respective companies and will then stick around for an audience Q & A session.

I’m looking forward to what should be a very lively, impassioned discussion.  More information is available at the SMCPDX website.  Register for the event on Upcoming.

Don’t forget to check my Plancast stream to see where else you can find me.

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Tracking Google Universal Search

Next week I’ll be on the panel again for Portland State University’s Quarterly Digital Marketing Breakfast. The event is put on by the University’s Multimedia Professional Program and features panelists from the Digital Marketing Strategies certificate program, in which I am an instructor.

If you want to register, hurry.  Registration closes in two days (2/12).  To find me at other events, subscribe to my Plancast feed.

On the upcoming panel, I’ll be talking about how you can better track search results in Google’s Universal Search results page, allowing you to understand not only what search terms drive traffic to your site and/or or value for your business, but which type of result (blog, image, etc.) is working best for you so you can optimize for the specific words and result types that best benefit your business.

Join me and the other panelists from PSU’s Digital Marketing Strategies certificate program for a lively and informative discussion about Google Universal Search.


If you were at the panel discussion and didn’t get a chance to jot down the blog posts I mentioned here they are…

This post, by Martijn Beijk at SearchCowboys.com explains how to set up Google Analytics to track which type of search result was clicked on the Google search engine results page.

This post, by Mike Belasco at seOverflow explains how to set up Google Analytics to track clicks on local search results on the Google search engine results page.

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