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Welcome to Day2

I’m pleased to announce today the public launch of Day2 – the project I joined ISITE Design nearly a year ago to conceive, lead, and bring to market.  I joined ISITE becuase we shared a mutual belief that the traditional agency model of launching projects and walking away is fundamentally broken. When there should be a focus on continuous optimization of the work just launched, instead the agency and internal stakeholders move on the the next project.

We also shared a belief that there was not a good solution to this problem offered to the market.  Agencies continue to launch projects.  Web analytics consulting firms are largely focused on short-term, project-oriented work, not on delivering long-term results.  Landing page optimization firms are just that…landing page optimization firms.

We believe that a website is an on-going process – a program that is managed for long-term gain.  We also believe that optimization goes far beyond landing pages to include the entire customer journey through the sales process from the first marketing touch-point to the landing pages, routing pages, key content pages, and conversion pages on the site.  Doing less than full-journey optimization is short sighted, and leaves potential gains in conversion and revenue performance on the table.

So together we launched Day2.  A digital optimization program that delivers continuously improving results starting on day 2 – the first day after the launch party.

Hop over the the newly launched site and check it out!  And, let me know what you think.

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