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Web Measurement Consulting

Are you getting the value you expected to get from your web measurement and optimization technologies?  Do you know for sure that the ROI you were promised by each vendor has been realized?  If you’re not happy with the value you’ve received, do you know what the best course of action is?  Should you switch vendors?  Should you change your relationship with your current vendor?  Should you drop the technology altogether?  I can help you answer these questions with authority.  I can help you get the value you should be getting from your web measurement and optimization technology investments.

Greater Returns is focused on helping you achieve actual sustained improvements to your business performance through web analytics and measurement.  Lead by Aaron Gray, an executive-level practitioner, Greater Returns will help you  get significant returns from your investment in analytics and measurement technologies.  I’ll roll up my sleeves and become a part of your team if necessary, for as long as necessary to ensure your success.  My goal is to get you to positive business value from web measurement as quickly as possible, working with you, your team, and your vendors to understand performance, isolate issues, and make the changes necessary to drive value.

Call me at 503-753-8075 and let’s talk about how you can get more value from your investment in web analytics.  Don’t like the phone? You can reach me in whatever way you prefer.

Specialized Services

Web Analytics Turnaround
If you have already made investments web analytics and other ecommerce technologies but you’re not getting the results or the return on investment that you expected, a Web Analytics Turnaround will get you back on track.  More…

I can also help you with these challenges:

Planning for Measurement
Deciding what to measure is the most important thing to do right.  Measuring a lot of things is not as important (or effective) as measuring a few very important things with rigorous discipline, understanding what the measurements mean to your business, and acting on the insight that the measurements provide.

I’ll work with you to identify the key measurements that will give you clear insight into the performance of your online business.  Measuring the right things is critical to your success.

Establishing Operational Processes & Governance
Having the right people involved and processes in place to ensure that you’re gaining insight from and acting on the data you’re collecting is critical for success with web measurement and analytics.  If analytics remains a “tribal knowledge” activity in your organization, you may see short-term successes based on the passion of a single individual.  But, until you successfully operationalize your analytics practice, you’re at risk of losing realized gains when your impassioned thought leader moves on to a new challenge.

Having the right processes in place will also ensure your success with long-term governance and maintenance of your solution.  I’ll get you set on the right path to long-term success.

Vendor Selection & Proof of Concept Design
Beyond helping you identify business requirements and vendors who can meet those requirements, I’ll help you think about what a successful technology implementation will do for your online business.  When you’ve defined what success looks like you can test for it.

Applying this discipline to the Proof of Concept phase of technology acquisition gives you the upper hand with vendors during sales negotiations and will help you avoid investing in technologies that don’t add to your bottom line.

Conversion Optimization
When you’ve got the right vendors in place and measurement is working, the next step is to start looking for opportunities to optimize conversion.  Most ecommerce web sites leave significant dollars on the table, failing to convert the traffic they already have.  Those dollars can be unlocked if you look in the right place, understand the human behavior behind the numbers, and apply an iterative discipline of forming and testing hypotheses to drive up conversion.  Seemingly minor conversion improvements can net millions of dollars annually.  We know – we’ve done it many times.  I’ll work with you to define an on-going optimization strategy, identify technology vendors that fit your needs, and implement the tools and processes that will make you successful.

Social Monitoring
There are lots of reasons to begin actively monitoring social media, and there are many tools to choose from.  Which tool is right for you depends on why you plan to monitor social, and how you plan to act on what you discover through monitoring.  I’ll work with you to define your goals for social monitoring, identify tools and vendors that fit your needs and budget, and implement the tools and processes that will make you successful.

If you’re ready to reap greater returns on your investment in web measurement, social monitoring, and ecommerce optimization technologies, let’s talk.  Or call: 503-753-8075.


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